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Curtain Poles by Diameter

Up to 28mm




Curtain Poles by Diameter

Knowing the correct diameter of curtain pole required to hold your curtains is essential to ensure the pole is able to withstand the weight of your curtains without bending.

The people at Curtain Wizard are experts in providing curtain poles in different diameter sizes to ensure your curtains look their best at all times. If you are unsure which diameter of curtain pole you require, Curtain Pole Wizard are more than happy to provide you with advice and guidance either by phone, email or by the advice and guidance tips on their website.

It stands to reason that the lighter the fabric the narrow the diameter can be used however, it is not quite as clear as that! If you have wide windows or need curtain poles for patio doors you may need to have an extra supporting bracket to prevent bending.

Rather than spoil the entire look of your window dressing chose curtain poles of the correct diameter and your windows will look stunning!