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 Harmony Curtain Pole
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 Esprit Curtain Pole
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 Britannia Extendable Curtain Pole
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Clearance Poles

The credit crunch may be affecting your spending power as such Curtain Pole Wizard offers a range of clearance poles at incredible discount prices.

There are a range of different styles and colours to chose from and just because they are clearance poles in no way reflects the high quality which Curtain Poles Wizard are renowned for. They constantly update their ranges which gives them the ability to continuously add new clearance poles for you to chose from.
Don't for one minute think that you will be getting an inferior product because Curatin Pole Wizard do not offer anything inferior! Only outstanding value for money which enables you to snap up a real bargain and save money in the process!
Whether you are looking for a cost effective ways to dress windows in your guest room or main living area you have a wide choice of both traditional and modern styles of clearance poles to select from.

Everyone loves a bargain and you won't be disappointed with any choice you make from this selection of clearance poles from Curtain Pole Wizard.